Friday, July 15, 2011

Paints From Overseas!

...there were a couple of packages waiting for me when I checked the mail today:

The first was a bottle of Vallejo's white poly primer:

As I've mentioned before, I prefer to prime with white, but I've had trouble finding a white primer that doesn't give my airbrushes fits.  I've heard good things about the Vallejo Surface Primers, but unfortunately Vallejo doesn't seem to be importing them to the USA yet.  Les Bursley mentioned a couple of places where they were available on his blog, but I tried all of them and they were sold out.  I had a project that was being held up by trying to find it, so I bit the bullet and bought a bottle from an eBay seller in the UK who would ship internationally.  The good news is, I've had a chance to try it and it seems to be everything I'm looking for.

The other item was a bottle of Vallejo Model Air Aluminium (yes, that's the proper spelling over there):

...this is for my upcoming Grey Knights project, which I plan to paint using zenital airbrushing techniques.  The Vallejo Model Air line are the only metallics that I'm comfortable putting through my airbrushes, and for some reason the aluminium can't be had for love or money in the US right now.  The seller also included a cool mini-magazine from Mantic, which is timely since I've been seriously eyeballing Kings of War lately...


  1. I used a 50/50 mix of Liquitex airbrush medium and gesso. I used white but black, gray, or whatever color you like best should work great. Just blast on as much as you like and it basically shrink wraps itself to the model.

    I <3 gesso.

  2. I also agree on the Model Air metallics. I wouldn't put any other metallic paints through my airbrush either and they look great even brushed on. Very fine pigment and very smooth.

  3. Chaosheade -

    Heh, the only thing I've had as hard a time finding as the Vallejo Surface Primer is Liquitex Airbrush Medium (okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but nobody carries it locally, and I haven't needed enough other stuff yet to justify an order from one of the online art-supply retailers). I will give it + gesso a try when I get ahold of some, though.

    I'm loving the model air metallics - I think I'm gonna have to invest in the complete set someday when I have the extra cash.

  4. for EVERYTHING Vallejo I use

    as they do have everything, sure its uk based (good for me, not so for you) they pretty much rule,