Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First FailCast FineCost FailCost FineCast Model

(LOL, the title is just having some fun w/ the haters).
I picked up my first FineCast model the other day:

...Inquisitor Karamazov on the Throne of Judgement - the last model I needed to build my Grey Knights list.  I was looking for one of these for quite a while, but nobody had it in stock (I even scoured all the cons I went to this summer) and all the ones that were showing up on eBay were either in sad shape or so-called "pro painted" (yeah right) and they wanted a fortune for them - I actually kept back a little bit of the spending money that I took to GenCon, and as soon as they released the FineCast version I snapped one up.  (This was actually the first time I've bought anything direct from GW's website, now that I think about it - I always had my local shop order stuff from Direct for me).  I haven't built it yet, so I can't speak to what the FineCast is like to work with, but I examined it pretty closely, and it doesn't appear to have any bubbles or other problems  like I've heard about on the Intarwebs.  My Grey Knights are at least 3rd in line to be built behind other armies that are sitting on the shelf, but I might have to go ahead and build this model early - it's one that I've always thought was extremely cool ever since I got into 40K, and I'm kinda chomping at the bit to paint it...


  1. I purchased an FC Astorath, as the detail was amazing. Unfortunately, I discovered a little bubble on the top of his right wing after I had primered the figure, which will require green stuff.

    When I began painting Astorath, it seemed as though the figure was very porous, and the paint didn't spread (as it would on a plastic or even a metal model). I had to wet the area down, in order to even out the applied paint.

    Perhaps I didn't thoroughly wash the resin enough(?)- I'll be interested to read if you experience anything similar.

  2. I do not think Dave Taylor is a hater and he was just using that term in a post today. There is definately something off with the quality. The sharp edges may be nicer if they are filled but the number of air pockets is serious in many minis. I think GW has started to cast upside down to get the bubbles to go to bottom surfaces where they should be less noticable.

    I remember on the release weekend someone posting a pic of their super crisp new model and saying how happy they were but then someone noted that his model had no chin.

  3. My Karamazov was a shocker! The molding around the guards on the front of the legs was the worst. In some cases just a big blob. Lots of fit problems on the chair assembly, holes in the resin, and in some places the resin flow was too thin leading to poorly formed parts. Lots of green stuff work on this one. He's a cool model, so I've just persevered with it.

  4. eriochrome -

    I wasn't referring to Dave, those "nicknames" for Finecast have been circulating around Dakka & other forums for a while now. And I may very well wind up being a hater myself, we'll find out when I build & paint the model...