Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ork in Mega Armour

I finished an Ork in Mega Armour the other day:

I didn't really give him any "Freeboota" touches except the base, because honestly I don't even know if he'll find a spot in my regular list.  I had just been working on my Boyz & Nobz so long that I really wanted a change of pace - this guy has been sitting on my painting desk for months, so I just grabbeb him on a whim and started painting.  Nothing too complicated, but I was pretty happy with how my freehand on the rokkit came out:

Yeah, I know it's not that impressive, but I have zero experience doing freehand stuff on that scale, so for me it goes in the "win" column...


  1. That's awesome - I love it!

  2. Well done mate, good effort. Trust me we have all seen worse. The longer you keep doing the hobby the better you will get. But you have all ready got the talent and the keen eye for painting.

    How is the weathering on the brass bases going?

  3. Thanks guys. Dave - I bought a few more paints to experiment with, I'm working out a recipe and will post more about it soon...

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