Monday, January 30, 2012 anyway, where was I?

Hello all -

      It's no secret that I have a lot of hobbies, and it's not unusual for my involvment in any one of them to come or go for a few months.  Well, shortly before the holidays last year, I got the urge to do some PC gaming - and, somehow, this showed up at my doorstep:

... a couple weeks later, this happened:

... and then, THIS happened:

... all of that was enough to make me like

And if all that, wasn't enough, a couple of weeks before Christmas I had surgery - nothing major, but enough to put me out of commission physically for a month.  And, of top of that, this was one of my Christmas presents from my wife:

That's Ripley - she's a lot bigger now, and quite a handful.  So, needless to say, between marathon PC gaming sessions, being physically wrecked, and taking care of a new puppy, the blog fell by the wayside.  Nevertheless, I have returned and plan to have things back an running at full steam shortly.  Quick pertinent stuff I want to get out there:

- Lars4life & I will be attending Adepticon 2012! Drop us a line if you're going and want to hang out!

- A BIG kitbash project is in the works as the final piece for my Ork army.

-GenCon 2012 badges were purchased tonight!

Lots more stuff is coming, give me a few days to sort through my pics and put things together...