Friday, December 31, 2010


I finally made it to a scale-model-centric hobby shop to pick up some supplies:

That's enough styrene bits to build a  LOT of Deffrollas!

I also picked up a tubing cutter:

...should make working with the round styrene stock much easier.


  1. A tubing cutter? Never heard of it, but I can only assume it cuts the tube without bending it out of shape... sounds like a grand idea. Where can I get one?

  2. Warhammer39999 -

    I got mine at the hobby shop (a very "train-centric" one) but you should also be able to get one in the plumbing aisle of your local home improvement store. They're made for metal tubing, but since I wrote the above post I've used it on styrene tubing and it works great.