Thursday, May 9, 2013

Restocking Supplies

One of the problems with not building or painting anything for the better part of a year was that when I was going through my paints, there were quite a few that had dried out almost entirely.  I swung by the hobby shop to replace the more frequently used ones that needed replaced:

The Zap-A-Gap was because I like to keep a bottle in my travel kit, as well as one on my desk at home, and the one at home dried up on me.  Replacing the Citadel paints required a bit of research with the Citadel Paint Conversion Chart, as the "new" paints appeared during my downtime, and all the names had changed - most importantly, I was out of Orkhide Shade, and finishing my Orks is pretty high on the priority list.  I didn't notice until later that GW is listing "Caliban Green" as the equivalent for both "Orkhide Shade" and the old "Dark Angels Green" - I have plenty of Dark Angels Green left.  Guess I'll just have do some tests to make sure they match - luckily, the vast majority of my Ork troops are already painted, it's mostly vehicle crew that need finished at this point.

The Vallejo Model Air Fire Red had to be mail-ordered, as none of my local hobby shops stock the model air line, and it's what I use as the base red for my Khador.

Another problem I ran in to was that when we moved last year, our new place has hardwood floors - and my wife used all of my Future floor wax, which I like to use in certain washes and as a flow agent for certain paints.  A couple of years ago the trademark changed hands and SC Johnson renamed it from "Future Floor Finish" to "Pledge With FUTURE Shine" - but the product was still recognizable, because it still had the Future logo on the label.  Well, now that's gone, too, and the product is just called "Pledge FloorCare":

Searching the scale model & rocketry forums, there seems to be a consensus that this is the same product, or at least as close as we're likely to get.  Regardless, I find myself moving away from using this more & more often lately, but I do have some flyers waiting to be built, and it's awesome for treating canopies.  Now I just have to hide it from my wife...

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