Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Tools

Picked up a few new tools today:

I have really bad luck with files - I loved the first set I got off eBay years ago, but a few have broken, and the rest are clogged with Green Stuff (no matter how much I've tried cleaning or wire brushing them).  The next set I got just plain sucked - the abrasive sections weren't cut deep enough, and they didn't do anything.  Then I bought a fancy name-brand set where the files screwed into a handle - sounds good, but this really hampered my ability to get into tight spaces.  The ones above finally seem to be what I'm looking for, and there's enough of them to outfit two hobby kits (more about that soon).

I realized lately when I'm pinning a model, I spend more time struggling with the drill and breaking bits than making progress - probably because all my bits were five years old and so dull they wouldn't make a hole in warm butter.  I decided to chuck 'em all and start over.  One of the few places I've found that sells a set with reeeealllly small bits included is Harbor Freight - the quality is kinda crappy, but when you get this many without the "repackaged by a hobby company = 300% markup" factor, I can live with it...

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