Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Project: Dark Angels

Scored some used models off the Intarwebz a little bit ago:

...I saw a post on a local forum for a moving sale, and there was a casual mention of "some Warhammer stuff".  Just for the heck of it I emailed the guy - turns out he had three 3,000+ pt. armies for sale!  Unfortunately I didn't have much in the way of spending money at the time, but I was able to strike a deal for most of the unbuilt/partially built DA stuff he had, plus a ton of miscellaneous sprues & terrain.  In all, it looks like I got:

- The DA half of the Dark Vengeance box (Company Master, Librarian, Tac squad, Terminator squad, Ravenwing bike squadron)

- another Tac squad

- another Termie squad

- another bike squad

-2 Dreadnoughts

- Rhino


-2 boxes of Cities of Death terrain overall, a good start.  I'll probably build the Immolator first, as an Exorcist (I already ordered a resin turret & some Scibor bits for it) since it can be allied with my Grey Knights & (I think?) my Black Templars.  And both those armies are... um... still waiting to be built.  Along with several thousand points of Orks.  And a Fantasy Orc army.  And a Kreig army...

I'll get to it, I swear!

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