Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Updates: Space Hulk, Tools

Work on Space Hulk continues:

...I was hoping to have it done this week, but I just didn't find myself in the mood to paint over last weekend, and pretty much blew off working on it.  I might have most of them finished in the next few days, but the Librarian and the dead marine on the throne will take a bit more work than the others - and since I plan to do a multi-step clearcoat process on these so they'll be more durable, it's probably still a few weeks out.

I did pick up some tools the other day - the first was a regulator for my airbrush compressor:

This was because I think I'm ready to move beyond moving the airbrushes for just basecoating, but the Badger 100 that is my "detail" airbrush seems to need a lower pressure than my Badger 360.  The problem is, the regulator above didn't work - I don't mean it didn't work out, I mean it was broken.  No worries, I exchanged it for a different model that works (and was actually cheaper).

Next I got some new bits:

I love the Micro Hand Drill that I mentioned in this post, but all my bit were from the hardware store and were to big to even fit in the chuck.  This assortment has sizes down to 0.5mm (I don't even have WIRE that thin!) so it should do the trick...

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