Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Green Stuff Press Molds

So the Ork Battlewagon kit came with an awesome skull piece, that's part of the periscope assembly.  I knew this could be an awesome piece to use for embellishments, so I decided to make some Green Stuff press molds of it. 

After I made the mold, I realizes something - the hole in the original piece (which is where the periscope passes through) made a perfect circular impression over one eye - almost like an eye patch.  What could be better for Freeboota iconography?  I decided to see if I could emphasize this.  First, I took a scribe and poked some holes around the circular part - this will give the impression of rivets when a new piece is molded:

Then I cut some very fine strips of plasticard, using a strip cutter:

...I clipped off a few small pieces of the strip and glued them into the mold - this will look like the strap on the eyepatch:

After everything was dry, I lubricated the mold:

Then I cast my first piece:

Overall it worked great!

I also used this opportunity to cast more of the small skulls I made when I built my Trukk model - I plan on using a lot of these, so I actually made a whole new mold, so I can turn them out twice as fast:

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