Friday, March 18, 2011

New Arrivals: DeathWatch

As I mentioned previously, I got a copy of Deathwatch for Christmas.  I also got a gift card, which allowed me to pick up a couple more items:

...a copy of The Emperor Protects, a book with three adventures, and the Game Master's Kit, which includes a quad-fold GM screen with reference table on one side and four beautiful color panels on the other, as well as a book containing NPC's and an adventure.  I may try doing a dry run of the latter adventure, if it times out the way I want it to I'm considering running it for some friends.

The Deathwatch books are my first experience with Fantasy Flight's RPG line - I have to say that so far I am tremendously impressed with the quality of the writing, art, production... everything really.  If this hold true across their entire line, I may have to look in to picking up the Dark Hersey books...


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  2. Think about the Rites of Battle book if you don't have it already, it has a *ton* of extras in it that are very cool; more wargear options, more character options, even a new chapter...just to name a few.