Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Quick Tip I've been working on my Freebootas - one of the weird things about this army was that it was easier for me to paint the bases separately (or at least it seemed that way initially).   I solved the problem of keeping excess paint off the bases by priming the models without bases attached, painting their boots, then mounting them to the bases.  However, I'm making pretty heavy use of washes for the troops, and I noticed on several models that I got a little too enthusiastic with the wash, and it dripped onto the bases after I set the model aside to dry.  (The Citadel washes are pretty much impossible to get off once they dry).  A silly little trick I came up with to prevent this:

...on the models pictured above I have just applied wash to the backpacks - I simply tore a small piece of paper towel and situated it under the area that was washed to catch any drips.  Cheap insurance!


  1. Freebootas with diapers...
    how the mighty have fallen

    Seriously a good idea though. If I start painting my bases separately ill keep this in mind.

  2. The cheapest we might ever see, and no small print. Do you do home or car insurance?

  3. I like the idea and what you have done, but don't feel the need to do it as I always do my bases last. If I get a little bit of the secenary on the boots of my model, I feel it adds to the character and feel of my Army, plus I feel the model is part of the terrain rather than hovering on top of it. But thats just me.

  4. Porky -

    Not as of yet - the regulatory agencies are surprisingly ill-humored.

    Dave - usually I'd agree with you, but these bases were a special case and needed to be done separately. I'll be adding some additional touches later for character, stay tuned...

  5. Sorry I didn't see that. They do look nice were did you get them from?

  6. The bases? From Iron Halo: