Friday, August 12, 2011

The Butcher of Khardov - Painted

I finished painting my Butcher of Khardov warcaster:

...although Karchev the Terrible was the first warcaster that I bought outside of the Battlegroup box, it turned out that I liked the playstyle of The Butcher a lot better - I've been using him almost exclusively, and I got tired of playing with a primered model every week, so I decided to paint him up.  I'm pretty pleased with how he came out, considering that I wasn't going for a competition-quality paint job or anything.  I find myself using a lot of Citadel Tin Bitz on my Warmachine models, as it really seems to fit the steampunk aesthetic in general, and the grimy, industrial feel of the Khador forces in particular - funny, because although I love the color, I never really found a good place to use it in my 40K armies.  I also learned a few tricks for painting/shading faces at the classes I took at Origins this year, and I think they really helped on this model...