Monday, January 17, 2011

More New Tools

Picked up some new tools - the first is a hobby saw & mitre box:

...I had a small hacksaw that I've been using to make more difficult cuts, but it seems to have gone missing.  Since I still have a couple more Deffrollas to build for my Battlewagons, this should help immensely. 

Next I picked up a protractor & some squares:

...these fall under the category of "things I've wished I had dozens of times while working on a model, but finally remembered to buy after going to the store a dozen times".  Stay tuned for details about using these tools in the near future...


  1. Cool! Glad to see you got the opportunity to catch one of these things you wish but couldn't remember to buy! The mitre box and hobby saw are 2 products I wish I could easily buy. Saddly for me, it's not as easy as going downtown and buy them! Maelstromgames it's like my hobby-brother, as 90% of the things I buy are bought via maelstromgames.

    So, lucky you, that can walk and buy such things so easy!! Now I feel jealous T.T

  2. I just bought that same razor saw on Saturday. Haven't used it yet.