Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Squarebase Invasion! where I work, November & December are great if you want to pick up overtime - everyone is using their vacation time to attend holiday parties & family get-togethers, or to vacation in warmer locales.  On top of that, we were down two employees in my department, due to one retirement and one transfer - Since mid-October I don't think I've worked less than 55 hours per week, and there were couple weeks where I almost hit 70 hours.  But, I've been here before, and it's quite a shock when January rolls around and I'm back to my regular 40-hours-per-week paycheck.  So, since the Christmas shopping was done, the bills were paid, and I still had a little extra money in my pocket, I swung by my FLGS a few days before Christmas, figuring I'd pick up a few models to squirrel away for the upcoming lean times.

When I got there, I found the place pretty picked over by holiday shoppers - they didn't have a single Ork or Black Templar / Space Marine model that I wanted in stock.  I'd given the Island of Blood fantasy boxed set a look a few times in the past, after 8th edition came out.  They were sold out of those, too - while I was chatting with the owner, I picked up a Battle for Skull Pass set he had left over and was giving it a look.

FLGS Owner:  You realize that's the old set, right?

Me: Yeah.  What are the armies in the new set?

FLGS Owner: High Elves & Skaven.

Me:  Hmmm, I think I'd actually like Dwarves & Goblins better... but the rulebook would be out-of-date, right?

FLGS Owner:  Yeah, but I tell you what... if you want that set, I'll sell it to you, with a full-size 8th edition rulebook, for the same price as the new boxed set.

Needless to say, I thought that was a heck of a deal, and I jumped on it.  But fear not, readers - I haven't gone to the darkside, and remain focused on 40K.  This is a back-back-burner project for a rainy day, for after I've finished the two 2,000-point 40K armies I currently have in progress...


  1. That is a good deal considering how costly the current rulebook is, nice shopping! It's always fun to have something simmering on the back-back-back burner, enjoy those square bases!

  2. DANG IT..... you know this means I have to buy a Fantasy Army....


  3. Hey, I might know where you can get a deal on 500 pts. of Dwarves... :-)

  4. Awesome! How could he sold you both things so cheap!!! You lucky man!

    BTW, what army would you choose for WHFB? Orcs?


  5. Nesbet -

    It helps if the local shop owner is also a personal friend. ;-)

    Yep, I'm doing Orcs & Goblins first - I've already bought a couple more units, but I'm going about it sparingly, since they're supposed to be getting a new codex in a few months...

  6. If I'm going WFB it will be Ogres or Rats...
    When Sadie finds out you MADE me want more models. shes gonna be upset....

    Congrats on being my scapegoat

  7. Go with Skaven - much cooler, plus the new releases look fantastic.

    You're pretty much my scapegoat for this entire *@#%$!'n hobby, so I guess we're even...

  8. Dude. I like the way you roll!